Think Outside The Flocks:

Exercises To Promote Innovative Thinking

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Getting stuck on projects and cannot find the way to get over those blocks?

Looking for ways to help you come up with fresh ideas or to spark your creativity?

In this easy-to-read book, speaker and creativity coach Greg Frisbee shares more than 50 techniques to overcome creative blocks.

In addition to the tools you will learn, you will also get creative insights from others through a series of Q & A.

Inside you will learn about:

– Mindmapping

– Creativity Games

– Finding Your Best Creativity Time

– Visualization Techniques

– Asking the Right Questions of Why and How?

And so much more!

Whether you are searching solutions to a specific block or are looking to add to your creativity toolkit, this book is here to help expand on your problem solving skill set and be a guide along your creativity journey.

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What is Sheep Theory

  • Discover your internal tools to help what’s potentially been holding you back, learn to push past your boundaries and conquer some of the self-imposed limitations you face via:
    • Creativity Coaching – for businesses & individuals 
    • Speaking – at your business, school or association event.
    • Mastermind Groups – (training sessions)
  • Cultivating and fostering innovation, strength and leadership in overcoming adversity for your business or in your personal development.
  • Lessons, insights, videos and links to help you trust in your voice and work on finding the tools together, helping you build and grow your creative thinking skills.

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