Reasons to contact us and bring Sheep Theory to you:

  • Cultivating innovation and creativity in your employees.
  • Fostering the creative thought process and  work on personal development with your students thru exercises & edutainment.
  • Inspiring you for personal growth and to help you overcome obstacles in your own outlets.

Sheep Theory:   Think outside the flocks...

Developing and fostering innovation, individuality and overcoming obstacles.

There is not only just one way of doing things when it comes to creation and innovation.

By only doing things in one way, there can be only one outcome and that is a cookie-cutter future of sameness.

It is no longer business or life as usual in the world around us.

The world as we know it is changing at an ever faster pace and with that, the “normal” way of doing things is no longer enough to satisfy us.

We are all individuals, we all have a voice and we all have our own inner genius along with our own personal strengths and weakness.

I want to help you once again listen to the power of YOU and to find and develop that and allow your inner strength to rise.

I also want to encourage you and help you to find and build and foster your own community that will help and support you as well as you to support them.

It’s time to overcome our obstacles and find the true power and reasons of what is holding us back.

It’s  time to reclaim our individuality again and recognize the strength of what we bring to the table.

Its time to think outside the flocks...


Things that help Sheep Theory stand above the rest.


Innovation and Creativity

Greg talks about and coaches in creativity and innovation; he shows you how you can apply it with immediate actions and see results.



Every coaching session is individually based on helping you with your specific needs.

My talks are also customized to fit the needs of you and the audience, discussing the event/mastermind training/coaching in advance so that I have a clear understanding of the problems you and your audience may be facing.



Along with the key points of the sessions, Greg tells inspiring, funny and heartfelt stories of his past, present and a hopeful future and shows that we all connect to certain truths.

Greg will show you his own creative thought process, the vulnerability of taking risk and putting ideas into the world and going against the odds to follow his own creative path and endeavors.



Through exercises and interaction Greg will show you that there is not always just ONE way of doing things. By building a creative safety zone and using creativity and outside the box thinking, obstacles can be overcome.



Thru his skills of juggling, magic, puppetry or multimedia, Greg will visually connect some of the dots and speaking points of the Sheep Theory message and help you to think outside the flocks...

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